Our internet sucks and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Editorial, Tech
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So I have been putting off making this post since the creation of this blog. Mostly because I have all the words to fill it but I reallllllyyyy didn’t want to do all the link finding and fact checking. I honestly think I’ll just post the rant while the passion is there and at another time follow-up with silly things like… facts.

So you may or may not know it, but for being such a technologically advanced country we are consistently being put over a barrel and taken for our internet. We aren’t even the top 10 of best internet speeds in the world.

This can be related to a myriad of problems.

  • Other countries are just establishing methods for connecting to the net therefore can adopt the most recent technology. We have had internet since the days of dial-up and are slowly upgrading technology with has a cost to dig up old lines and place in new ones.
  • With new legislation if internet providers upgrade one area of the nation they are being pressed to upgrade the rest of the nation. Having to upgrade technology for the whole country (including middle america) will cost companies more than the profit they would receive from it. More rural areas don’t have the populations to promote sales and services of new technology but are being left in a “dark age” which only drives away from people moving there.
  • There is a competitive market in other countries which drives down prices and promotes technological dog-fighting. It also offers more options for the consumer to get the internet connection they “want” instead of what the company is willing to offer them.
  • The average household doesn’t realize they are being screwed on pricing. They take their bill at eye value and since there is no better comparison you pay what you owe.

So we have high bills? This is America we make the extra revenue so we can pay for more premium services right? (cough healthcare cough) But our services aren’t even premium. Companies aren’t even providing the services that they advertise. Recent studies have shown the major disparities in what companies offer and advertise.

But how do we as the consumer change any of this? Well that is a hard shot in the dark. We can attempt to support the smaller ISP providers popping up locally or even regionally. But most of these companies buy their bandwidth from the larger providers anyways. Cell phone data plans were getting to a point where you could live without a major provider but with every company now putting download limits and caps you can’t cut the cord just yet.

With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify taking over the net and increasing download rates across the nation we will need quick internet reform before we too fall into a “Dark Age” of internet progression. 1gps downloads are obtainable now and not at the exponential prices being offered. The paltry services being given such as “Road Runner Lightning” show that the companies understand a need for change but it seems nickel and diming the consumer is more important than actual progression.

A lot of these issues are presented in recent Net Neutrality arguments but that is such a clusterfk that it will probably never pass any sort of legislation in a viable matter that helps the consumer. So right now I’m at a loss for words. I would like to open this up for discussion on the “how” we can make this better. Any tricks people have used to stop feeling sodomized by their bill every month?




What do you think?

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